Don Henricos Pizza, Pasta & More

Don Henrico’s : The Home of Great Pizza, Pasta and More
When people talk about Italian food that that perfectly suits the Filipino palate, you can bet that they’re talking about Don Henrico’s. Don Henrico’s is without a doubt one of the most popular casual Italian restaurants in the Philippines today and it stays true to its promise of delivering great pizza, pasta and more.
There are many reasons why Don Henrico’s is such a hit among Filipinos families, which you’ll read more about here, but first, a story.

The Don Henrico’s Story
Don Hen, as it’s more popularly known, traces its beginnings from the kitchen of its founder in Baguio almost two decades ago. He has the talent and passion for coming up with new flavors by mixing sauces, so it was a natural decision for him to open up an Italian restaurant that showcases his talents.
He opened up his first branch along Session Road in Baguio in 1993, hoping to create something that would click with the university students in the city.
And click it did.

However, it became an instant hit not only among students, but also among families in Baguio and even among tourists visiting the city.
Word soon spread about this up and coming Italian restaurant that serves great food. And it wasn’t long before Don Henrico’s opened up its first branch in Metro Manila. Today, it has 10 branches spread across Luzon and the Visayas, including the original branch along Session Road, SM Baguio, Malate, Tomas Morato, at the Brickroad in Sta. Lucia Mall in Cainta, Greenhills, West Avenue, Alabang, SM Mall of Asia, and at the Ayala Center Cebu.

But what’s the secret behind the success of Don Henrico’s?

The Secrets to Don Henrico’s Success
If there’s one huge secret to the success of this brand, it would be the secret recipes that the founder himself creates and adds to every Don Henrico’s offering. These recipes are the fruits of hours of experimenting until a right combination that suits the Filipino palate is achieved. And this does not only apply to Don Henrico’s pizzas, and pastas, but practically every Don Henrico’s product, including the drinks and the ever popular Buffalo wings (more of that later).

Nobody will probably ever know the secrets behind the Don Henrico’s menu, but what everybody knows is how great the food is at Don Henrico’s. Need proof? Just ask any friend you have who has had a meal at Don Henrico’s and you’ll know what everyone else already knows: it’s great to eat at Don Henrico’s. Better yet, visit one of their branches to taste the great offerings they have.
With its slogan ‘Pizza, Pasta and More’, you can definitely expect even better food than your typical Italian restaurant. Take for example its Buffalo wings. Don Henrico’s Buffalo wings’ taste familiar, but it gives you a hint of something more after a few bites.

And how about the Don Henrico’s Supreme Pizza? More than just great tasting pizza, they come in really large servings so they’re perfect for sharing, starting with the “small” 10-inch pizza, to the 18-inch variety that’s enough to feed 12 hungry people! With servings as large as this, it’s perfectly clear that Don Henrico’s provides its customers more value for their money than other Italian restaurants out there.

More Reasons to Love Don Henrico’s

Aside from the food, there are other not-so secret ingredients that make Don Henrico’s popular.
For starters, there’s the amount of servings. Sitting down for a meal at Don Henrico’s is like attending a feast. The servings are so huge that a lot of patrons still have enough food left to take home with them. Other customers, meanwhile, spend a lot of time to consume all of their orders, which also gives them more time to talk with their friends and enjoy the food at the table even more.
Which brings us to another reason behind Don Henrico’s popularity: the atmosphere. Ever since Don Henrico’s introduced its Ristorante concept to a number of its restaurants, the atmosphere has become a homey and relaxed one where friends and families could talk while enjoying their food.

Visit a Don Henrico’s restaurant and you will immediately realize what the buzz about its atmosphere is all about. The lighting is soft, enabling people to relax throughout their meals. The seats are also comfortable to sit on. In other words, having a meal at Don Henrico’s is like having a meal at one’s own home.

It’s no wonder therefore that families and close friends often have their dinners and birthday parties at Don Henrico’s. Come to a Don Henrico’s branch on a weekend and you will see families and friends having a great time. The place is relaxed and the food is meant for sharing—a lot like home.

It’s not only families and groups of friends who visit Don Henrico’s. Many companies also take great lengths and choose to hold their meetings here. An example includes pharmaceutical companies that hold their quarterly functions at Don Henrico’s in Sta. Lucia, even if their offices are located in Makati. Aside from the food, these companies appreciate the fact that they could hold their functions there while paying only for the food. In other restaurants, they would also have to pay for the room and the electricity on an hourly basis.

Need Even More Reasons to Love Don Henrico’s?
Great food. Great ambience. A chance to be with your friends and your family. More value for your money. These reasons are often enough to make anybody love Don Henrico’s.
How about you?
If you need even more reasons to love Don Henrico’s, visit one of their branches today and experience what they have to offer. Whatever reason you come up with, you can expect Don Henrico’s to give you nothing less than fantastic pizza, pasta and more.

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