Mario’s Restaurant

Mario and Nenuca Benitez always dreamed about owning their own business. In quaint surroundings right on Session Road, Baguio’s main street, the first Mario’s was born in 1971 — Mario up front and Nenuca in the kitchen.

Word spread quickly among the locals of a new restaurant downtown, offering delicious food and a very amiable, likeable, very garrulous host with a hearty laugh – Mario himself.

As the restaurant flourished with a steady clientele of locals and vacationers, Nenuca introduced the Spanish recipes she grew up with, passed on from generation to generation. A self-made chef with impeccable taste and an eye for perfection, Nenuca’s Spanish recipes were embraced and praised by all who came. Then came the signature steak dishes, which ensconced Mario’s reputation as the place to go for a good-sized tasty steak.

And finally, its crown jewel; Mario’s Caesar Salad, prepared tableside. There are only two words that describe this gastronomic masterpiece: DIVINE and UNREPLICABLE.

Encouraged by their clientele’s instance, Mario’s Tomas Morato was established in 1974. The Benitezes introduced Mario’s way to the folks in the big city. The restaurant’s popularity soared and its cuisine became the talk of the town. Over the years, many occasions were celebrated at Mario’s, and many more catered by Mario’s. It is where memories are made, where important events are marked, where young men impress their dates, many times to eventually propose to their future spouses, and where families go to enjoy their bonding dinners.

Marios’s has gone beyond being just a restaurant. It has become an experience, touching people’s lives and helping create their memorable moments. It all started from the idea that a restaurant’s first duty is to serve the best from its kitchen. And from the meticulous care and passion of the Benitezes that every dish must be perfect. Because it is the Mario’s way..

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Upper Session Road
Baguio CAR PH
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